Helping you to build a better relationship and stronger bond with your dog for a happier future together.
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Does your dog bark and lunge at other dogs when out for a walk?
Do they bark at your visitors, or run and hide when someone comes through the door?
Are thunderstorms and fireworks sending your dog into a frenzy? 
Has your dog developed a fear of something and you want to help them to overcome it?
Or do you have a new rescue dog who is taking a long time to settle?

Paws2Connect will work with you to help your dog to overcome their fears, build their confidence and strengthen your relationship.  We will give you the knowledge to help your dog to lead a happy life and to become that companion you’ve always wanted.

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One to One Training

Is your dog reactive to other dogs when out on lead?

 Is your dog worried about something in the house, or travelling in the car?  

Is your dog scared of fireworks or thunderstorms?  

Has your dog's behaviour changed recently?

Does your dog pull on lead or won't come back when you call?

Do you have a new puppy or a rescue dog who is taking a long time to settle in?  

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your dog I can help.  I use ACE Free Work as a basis for allowing dogs to reset and providing an ideal basis for enabling your dog to learn new skills.

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For Anxious Dogs  

Do you have an anxious, nervous or sensitive dog?
Is your dog scared of something: fireworks, noises outside, something in the house, car travel?
I run online workshops to teach you how to use ACE Free Work and other techniques to help build your dog’s confidence and overcome their fears  

For Fun  

Are you wanting to take part in an activity with your dog but don't want to commit to a longer course?
Try one of my half or full day taster sessions.
- Yoga with your dog
- Wag It Games and activities for fun    

Contact me to find out my next workshop dates.

Dynamic Dog Assessment

I was delighted to become Yorkshire’s first Dynamic Dog Practitioner in January 2022 and this means I can now offer Assessments.

In studies, it has been shown that up to 80% of dogs showing some sort of undesirable behaviour have some level of underlying pain or discomfort that is causing or contributing to the issue.
That is very high!  

A Dynamic Dog Assessment is a functional assessment using a variety of analytical techniques that can shine a light on potential discomfort in your dog that could be adding to behaviour issues. It is so much more than a simple gait and posture analysis!

Following the assessment I will then work with you and your vet to help support your dog so that you and your dog can start to lead a happier and more peaceful life together.

Contact me for a chat to find out more.


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