About Paws2Connect

Paws2Connect is owned and run by Penny Leedal. Penny has been training dogs since 2010 and is passionate about helping owners to build and strengthen their relationship with their dog.

Penny was keen to become a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) as this organisation promotes reward based training methods and does not condone harsh, punishment based training.  Penny became a member of the APDT in 2016.

Penny became interested in Tellington TTouch to help her rescue dog Bertie.  TTouch is a gentle method that promotes well-being and adaptive behaviour through an integrated approach that helps to reduce stress and build confidence. Penny's dog, Bertie, was a hyperactive 5 month old puppy when he came to live with her and expressed himself by barking excessively.  TTouch helped him to have moments of calm which then allowed him to learn.  Bertie went on to pass his Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze, Silver and Gold tests along with more advanced training. Penny became a Tellington TTouch Practitioner in 2016.

Penny was very fortunate to discover ACE (Animal Centred Education) Free Work, created by Sarah Fisher. ACE Free Work combines a variety of sensory educational exercises including different surfaces and ball pools and gives the owner the opportunity of observing their dog whilst the dog is engaged in exercises that use all the senses.  It also provided a basis for introducing simple educational lessons and desensitisation. Penny was delighted to become an ACE Advanced Tutor in 2021 and is a member of the ACE Guild.

In 2021 Penny became a Professional member of the Pet Professional Network, which is the first international business support organisation and educational platform for kind, ethical and trusted pet professionals and is now delighted to be a Gold member.

In January 2022 Penny was very pleased to become the first Dynamic Dog Practitioner in Yorkshire.  A Dynamic Dog Practitioner  can assess your dog for gait and postural issues or changes that may be causing pain or discomfort and then work with you and your vet to help support your dog.

Paws2Connect will only ever use kind and effective methods to train your dog.  Our methods are backed up by science and Penny is constantly updating her knowledge by attending seminars and workshops given by some of the top names in the dog training world.  

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